Future Plans

Author: Sandra ColleRain

Be sure and visit the “Painting Gallery”.  I have several paintings of my own to insert with all the explanations surrounding them.  Come and travel with me from Texas to England and Scotland. 

  • There are 100’s of articles that I am trying to transfer to the site. 
  • I am planning  to let you take a peek into my classroom as I studied art for 4 years at two different universities that were totally opposite in views about art. 
  • There are serveral art courses you can learn from.
  • AND I am going to delve into the lives of artists and find some facts that you have never heard about. 

Future articles:

  • Did the word “No” kill Van Gogh? 
  • Who was the artist with raw egg in his hair?  Why? 
  • When they were grown men, were Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, and Edouard Manet afraid of their fathers? Why? 
  • What shocking thing did Monet do as his wife lay dying?
  • What was it really like being an artist in Paris in the 1870-1880s?

Ya’ll come back.  You are sure to have a good time picking through the past.

Someone’s Watching
18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas
Location: Castle Howard in England

Copyright Sandra ColleRain


Someone's Watching Me


The reflections in the lake were what caught my attention as I stood on a hill across from Castle Howard. Lakes do not have the geometry which I painted, colors on water just slide into each other in a continuous gradient as if they are all interconnected riding on top of the water. One color just seems to slip into another, so silently. Read the rest of this entry »

Art Museums: Texas to Canada

Author: S. ColleRain

The crocuses had already “croaked”, the daylillies had bloomed and withered, their yellow flowers drooping pitifully in the afternoon breeze.  There I sat reading my latest copy of American Artist or perhaps it was The Artist’s Magazine.  It was an innocent act of a hot spring afternoon, when I came upon, “The Article”, innoculous enough, half hidden in the “coming events” section.

Excitedly I propped the magazine under my arm and went in search of my husband.  “Bill,” I said.  “Is the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C., too terribly far from here?”

“Only about 1500 miles from Houston to Washington, D.C.,” he cheerfully smiled not yet comprehending the massive cross country adventure I was about to spring on him.  Read the rest of this entry »

Did he bow?  Or didn’t he bow?  This question has been in the news lately.  So…. I thought I would show you an etching done over 100 years ago.  The artist is painter Paul Klee.   Klee taught himself how to etch on zinc.  He made about 15 prints based on satire from around 1903 to 1905. 

You could probably figure out what this etching is meant to say.  Klee was very good at showing what people meant to do by making caricatures

If you didn’t already figure it out, these two men each think that the other has higher rank, so they are both trying to bow lower than the other.   

Two Men Meet: Each Supposing The Other To Be of Higher Rank

Two Men Meet: Each Supposing The Other To Be of Higher Rank

See other Paul Klee paintings!

Who Are the Cone Sisters?

Author: S. ColleRain

As Picasso painted the portrait of Gertrude Stein in a studio in Paris littered with objects, Gertrude insisted that the Cone sisters buy the sketches by Picasso that littered the floor for two dollars a piece.  Perhaps Picasso thought he was taking advantage of the sisters… perhaps Gertrude Stein thought she was helping out the impoverished artist.  

If that is what they all thought, then the joke was on them.  The collection of the Cone sisters became the backbone of the Baltimore Museum of Art.  And the Cone sisters themselves? …those gullible Americans… well… they became famous as their collection toured the world.  Read the rest of this entry »